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Problem Solving

One of the key tenants to problem-solving is the concept of empathy and relationship management.  While I may not always agree with what one may say, I will work to understand their point of view which in turn will result in breaking gridlock and finding meaningful solutions to our most pressing issues.  It’s time our representatives get back to serving the people and be examples for how to solve problems in a positive manner.

Communication & Teamwork 

My background as a military veteran, coach, and teacher has involved me working with many people over the years who share different philosophies and ideologies from my own. This valuable experience will allow me to work to inspire positive change that will support our values and goals for a better Colorado.

Dave Woolever is also a published children's author who uses stories about his dog Nestor to teach leadership and ethics to children. 

Areas of Expertise

Teaching, Training & Leadership 

Leadership is an art as much as it is a science.  As someone who has worked in a variety of leadership capacities for nearly 20 years and served with amazing individuals who displayed outstanding examples of servant and transformative leadership, I will bring these skills to the Colorado House of Representatives. Furthermore, as a lifelong educator, I know how to research, analyze, and present complex materials through objectivity, honesty, and transparency.  As such, these skill sets will allow me to tackle the issues and work in a collaborative manner to get legislation passed that will benefit District 61. 


About Dave Woolever

Dave Woolever was born in Frederick, Maryland, and grew up in Ravenswood, West Virginia. He graduated as an Education Major from Shepherd University. He earned a Masters Degree in Education from East Carolina University and a Master's Degree in History from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. He earned his Doctorate in Education in Leadership from Liberty University where he researched academic engagement among non-scholarship student-athletes. 


Dave served 10 years in the United States Air Force, with stops as a Services Officer at LA AFB and Incirlik AB, Turkey. During his military service, Dave also had the honor of teaching at the USAF Academy and at Officer Training School at Maxwell AFB.  Upon receiving an Honorable Discharge from the USAF, Dave accepted a teaching position in the College of Arts & Sciences at Johnson & Wales University in Denver, Colorado in 2008. 


As Assistant Professor at Johnson & Wales University, Dave has taught a variety of undergraduate courses including Foundations of Leadership, Creative Leadership, Ethics: A Global Perspective, U.S. History Colonial to 1876, U.S. History Since 1877, The Atomic Age, Modern History and Multicultural American History.   


Dave has been actively engaged in the Denver community where he volunteers in the Prescription Pet Therapy Program at Children's Hospital-Colorado with his dog, Nestor. In addition, he has served as a trainer in the program, certifying handlers and dogs for the hospital.


Through his volunteer experience at the hospital, Dave's passion for writing children's picture books was ignited. He founded Nestor’s Adventures, LLC and published his first book Nestor’s Adventures: I Like Colorado! He recently co-authored a re-telling of the Grimm Fairy Tale, The Three Little Pigs, and is working on the next Nestor book that explores concepts of bullying and conflict management with the help of dinosaurs titled Nestorsaurus.


In addition to creative writing, Dave is a theatrical actor with Red Herring Murder Mystery Productions based out of Colorado Springs, CO, and has written numerous plays that have been performed for live audiences.  An avid skier and outdoor enthusiast, Dave certainly enjoys everything Colorado has to offer!

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