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Since March of 2020, the world has been in unprecedented territory.  Lives have been radically impacted.  It has been a hard season.  I talk to people every single day whose lives are forever changed by COVID. 

Some have lost family members.

Some have lost jobs.

Everyone has felt the pain of higher prices at the pump and at the grocery store.  

On top of all that, Colorado’s cost of living has skyrocketed and more people are facing homelessness in our state than ever before.  We have some serious work to do to stop the decline.  


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My faith drives me to


Better for my family better for my neighbors and better for anyone my life touches.  


If you elect me to represent HD37, I will bring my 45 years of creative, collaborative problem-solving to tackle the issues that we are facing in Colorado. 

The Issues

Engineers at work

Jobs & The Economy

As people, we are designed to be productive and to make a positive difference in our world.  A key way to do that is to get people back to work.  We need to draft and pass economic policies that support our business owners.  It is the small business owners, like myself, that create the jobs and pay the wages that enable our people to not just survive, but thrive.  The bureaucratic policies that currently exist serve as barriers to starting and growing businesses.  These need to be abolished.

I will use my VOTE to:

  • Say YES to policies that empower workforce development

  • Say YES to protecting Taxpayer Bill of Rights (TABOR)

  • Say YES to lower taxes and fees

  • Say NO to excessive taxes and regulations the block business development

  • Say NO Government Bureaucratic Red Tape


My love for my wife, my children and my twenty grandchildren drives me to MAKE LIFE BETTER.

Blue and Orange Friendly Corporate Manuf

Our communities are not safe right now.  Violent crime and theft are both higher than they have ever been.  Colorado leads the nation in auto theft and bank robberies.  We are number two in the nation for property theft.  And murders are up 32% in one year.  This madness has to STOP!

We want to be known for the beauty of the Rockies, not for getting your car stolen.  I will vote to reinstate felony crime penalties so we can be safe again.  

I have great respect for our police, firefighters and other first responders.  Without their tireless dedication, we would be in a world of hurt.  I will be a voice to restore dignity to these heroes.  

Please know, I am fully aware that there have been problems within the force, not just in Colorado but all over.  The radical increase in crime clearly shows us that defunding the police is not the right pathway to follow.  

The solution is to have officers invested in the communities that they serve.  I remember when law enforcement officers would walk the streets they swore to protect and talk to everybody.  We need more of that. We also need to equip the officers with continuing education that focuses on empathy, diversity and dealing with mental illness.

I will use my VOTE to:

  • Say YES to fully funding law enforcement 

  • Say YES to reinstituting felony crime penalties

  • Say YES to fighting the Fentanyl epidemic

  • Say NO to defunding the police

  • Say NO to being soft on crime

My love for my community drives me to MAKE LIFE BETTER.


Children in School Bus

Colorado has an AFFORDABILITY crisis.  We have the 4th highest cost of living in the nation.  I want to ensure that my grandchildren and yours can live well in our beautiful state.  We need to end policies that sound noble in theory but in application are jacking up the cost of rent, home ownership and utilities.  

Education is another critical component of setting up our communities for success.  I was raised by a teacher, I married a teacher and two of my kids are teachers.  As a family we have been strong supporters of the public school system for over forty years.  I have nothing but RESPECT for the profession.  When we invest in education, we MAKE LIFE BETTER for our families now, and we reap the benefits long into the future. I want parents to not be so burdened by pressures of our out-of-control cost of living, that they have the time and emotional capacity to be involved in their child’s education experience.  Right now, our one-size-fits-all education system is letting many families down. 

Housing, LIFE &

I will use my VOTE to:

  • Say YES to raising compensation for educators

  • Say YES to funding students

  • Say YES to getting back to the 3Rs of education:  Reading, wRiting and aRithmetic 

  • Say YES to protecting the rights of the unborn, with exceptions to rape, incest, and health of the mother

  • Say NO to late-term abortions

  • Say NO to wasteful spending that hurts our families

  • Say NO to excessive taxes, regulations and fees that cause our cost of living to continue to RISE

My respect for others drives me to MAKE LIFE BETTER.

The joy of my life is to hear YOUR STORY.  


Do you know why?  

Because you aren’t me and I’m not you. 

The joy of life is that we are all different.  

We are all unique and we are all created in the image of God.  That is why I value your perspective and opinion.  And to solve the challenges we are currently facing, it will take people with different life experiences to work together for the common good.  

I have the real-world experience of collaborative problem-solving.  In addition to running a business for seventeen years, I have started three non-profits in response to identified needs and also created the Colorado Sales Tax Task Force. 

I’m not a politician.  I’m a problem solver.  I want to hear your story so that I can represent you well in Colorado State Legislature.  

It will be an honor to serve you.  


Together, I know we can make some good stuff happen and we will

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