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I'm Paul Archer and I am running to represent YOU

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Whether in the business environment or in our community, I have an eye for how to make things better. 

For forty-plus years, I’ve brought diverse groups of people together to problem solve.  Because of various needs, I’ve started 3 non-profits as well as the Sales Tax Task Force to directly help the small business owners that drive our economic health.  

I’m running as the GOP candidate because I think I can do some GOOD STUFF for our community.  It was my friend, that happens to be a Democrat, who encouraged me to run.  He’s my friend, FIRST. 

We have to work collaboratively, regardless of labels, to deal with the issues that are impacting all of us
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OUR Community

We need a healthy economy

 affordable housing

and safe streets  

Read More On The Issues

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Family has always been my TOP PRIORITY

I’m a husband, dad and grandfather.  When I look into the faces of my 20 grandkids, I want them to be able to afford to live in Colorado and be productive citizens when they grow up. 


I want them to not worry about having their car stolen and right now we are number one in the US for car theft.  The policies of the last few years have not been working. I believe your family matters as much to you as mine does to me.

I am running for HD37 to be YOUR VOICE in Colorado’s legislature

House District 37

Do you know if you live in Paul Archer's district?  Find out today!

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